The alleys called eden

the air is order perfumed
by odor ordered
looking at officials who don't think this age
plenty makes room for demolition
urban renewal in deprivation.

the air is industry by odor perfumed of order

the air is perfumed by the industry of order
and churches became theatres as high priests drive in
native cries park for taxicab
letters in his speech.

the air is ordered by perfumed industry of odor

the air is perfumed by the industry of order
and what sight does he hear in cities sound
when you're in a plane
you can see in an aerial photograph.

the air is perfumed odor the order of industry
the air is industry 
of ordered perfumed odor
now apartment buildings are where he lives
talking like knowing a sentence the picture is recorded
children trade traffic parting discussions
dirt in shadows crowd.

the air is order of odor by industry perfumed
 the air is odor of ordered industry by
he catches survival like a friend last weak
after eating dinner the arival of his plane
radios started to rain listen
in here it works

the air is by industry ordered the odor

the air is order perfumed industry by of
and he's planting weeds while having a wonderful time
handicapped picture visits the zoo
shares free joy
their hardships are the ideal
capital worship in expand


but she's all ready
her bags are packed
in pursuit of nationality
this place is the empty mind of America
inside a Private Room
but you're always hers socially
she's only your society
I am a frightened old am
afraid of the sour and the sweet
when your leaving I saw nothing
we are only alive
victims of society
but she's all ready 
sleeping with he moral majority
in pursuit of nationality
this place is the empty mind of America
inside a Private Room
because she fits a special dream


Well you know now
we are not lawyers in a court
and we are not politicians
and we are the static on the television
but sometimes we've fallen into the condition
convincing ourselves this the ideal
this is not the ideal

Love Has Resigned
so the young gonna get ran over
Love Has Resigned
and you can't remove the fright
so why trust God
this is a time
a waste of time
the frail can not respond.


I am standing next to political degradation
media fiction and your manipulation

I am standing next to political shit
more media fiction
city fitness and your bickering

tell me about anxiety
I don't want to be friendly
your anxiety is yourself
pressure comes from everywhere
clichés are the truth
you only think about yourself


He looked down to the pavement
as he came home today
his mind is filled
with the changes of many colors
now it's quiet and it's sunset

She went to the sound of his crying
what is the future of this country
and what is this moment of history
you got to work for the economy
you got to work for some industry

She never knew what she wanted
anyway he never got what she asked for
so they regret each other
they regret each other


So we climbed over the rock
and through the hole
and as we got down
the system went to pieces
the system went to pieces
so we'll find a place by the wall
near the city
now everyone is awake
all of your life you've been behind the bricks
and you never made 
and she never made a decision to change

I love you when you're standing in front of me
but I hate you in the church
and old man is sitting on the bus
he's the history of the world
an old woman is on the Platform
and she never made a decision to change
and you never made a decision to change
all of your life you've been behind the bricks

Who has the money
there's no good to be found
satisfaction is if you're born to be richit is sun by now, turn on the lamp
you couldn't help being impressed by the dead

action - when a boy starts to grow up
he talks about his views
uncertainty is

the light is isolated and she draws images
girls speak guys, god is in a box
I refuse a secret mission over the 50 foot wall
there's something about to happen
3 cars drive simultaneously
as the middle class do their thing
life is good for good things
watching television is an unnatural experience
waiting for results
turn, tomb

drying in the sun
(she is on her back)
it is evening now 
in a box made of glass and electric
the war begins when violence is clearly defined
but can we hear the time
you can lose control
the knob turns because we rejected the program
it's all getting together now
providing the bridge will get them out
the cow is social
keep busy
you live out the role which is expected of you

she changed liberty to a whore
satisfaction is if you're born to be rich
justice is a cheat
violence is clear
dreams die with people
because it's only in their heads
reality is a disaster area

love turns into rage
sudden death seen from my eyes
my head against your hand
from silence
values of you



Well I invited myself to Washington
and I found out all they do there is eat
up there in the room
nobody else is in the world
Miss America are you the right choice

Well I'm not smart enough to be president
and I come from the wrong country
and I got no job, I got no job
but I remember reaching for something
was it just a race against the sixties

Do you need permission to stop
to stop and look at America
and forget about the nuclear day
you depend on your future

Nation Nation
keep the promise
Nation Nation
for a good defense
American my president
you're a mother of corruption

Don't you ever talk about your fears or anxiety
are the one whose afraid to touch the hand of miss Liberty
feel the pride and the power when you're on top
all those fears are over
show him the secret of being older.

I feel like the man on the way to the slaughterhouse
out of my mind and into his hands
there's no equal protection under the law.

I'm not looking for the lord of delivery
or the secret of Miss Liberty.

Is the baby neutral when the mother is still breathing
he wonders out of the dark to celebrate his freedom
Now I'm not afraid to touch the hand of Miss Liberty
I know all her secrets
there's no turning backward.

I feel like the man on the way to the slaughterhouse
out of my mind and into his hands
there's no equal protection under the law.

I'm not looking for the lord of delivery
or the secret of Miss Liberty

He moves like my father
walking over me 
like he walks over water

I am wearing his pain
because he owns the house
but there's no room left
and why are people so cruel

The setting sun will never be happy again


Today she freezed as the situation flashed

steel stares at this two minute hand

today she faked and then problem faced

concerning traffic and sidewalk nausea

Little Miss Sunshine why do you litter the streets

with your yellow ribbons and negative white skin

today she's a situation facing all around corners

and psychotic social fade

carding red socks all around the bay

and today's she's sad, she's sad, she's sad

today she faced and then problem faced

sitting like a problem

telling the future

setting like a tellers solution

like a card box pity on the sidewalk

with daily life psychotics and the days nausea

in corridors of traffic on the sidewalk

Little Miss Sunshine why do you litter the streets

with your yellow ribbons and negative white skin


Paralyzed vision and artificial colors

an international language is spoken

he has no name

but in bed we have harmony

in Leningrad everything is alright

but teaming underneath is desire

and the groove

the Howling and the Doing

the Concrete

inside Charles' head he always felt the same

his way fillrf the form

there are no exceptions

his concept is real

War is the Father and all things are iron

In the place of Missing Identities
no on knows you're alive
is this what it feels like
to be from the wrong side

I am the poor
and your are the rich
here is the sign
but there is no reason
and there is no defense
no defense

I don't want your leaders
or a mindless occupation
making money is less than a vision
it's a fading blueprint for happiness
fading blueprint for happiness

A man wears a tie
disarming before sleep
heads in a church 
in a corporate castle
the white know never melts
or changes color
the authority of the past
is the present value
we are valets
parallel with weapons
without new ways 
without new ideals

We are here to abolish memory
to abolish prophets and the future
the extreme was the end of good
but don't you think about money
or a point of view
but what is a view 
when you look at reactions 
and process once removed


In the place of Missing Identities
no on knows you're alive
is this what it feels like
to be from the wrong side

I am the poor
and your are the rich
here is the sign
but there is no reason
and there is no defense
no defense

Hey you mister with your Cool Hand Luke face
I mean you sister Joan of Arc/Norma Jean
let's make love int he afternoon
either way
we're like charactors in an 18th century novel
tell me today
don't worry
there's only the two us.

Walking the streets
the two of us
tearing up inside
the two of us
only here to survive
the two of us.

They all can see you look so cool
but the census is fear
a bitch betrayed
a tough dude
today only time will tell
then give yourself to me
now we're one more split personality
down on broadway

down on broadway
Joan of Arc/Norma Jean
down on broadway.
let's make love in the afternoon
like characters in an 18th century novel

In the deep heart of the black tomb
a trembling hand shakes
a body sweats
and we are so far from grace.

In long nights
when sleep is away from me
she whispers
but I can not understand.

The dead soldiers cry
for the frail and the weak
we are like remorse
sorrow written all over our face
and we are so far from grace.

I can recall happier days
when the sun was rising
now my eyes are bloodshot
and the winter continues
and we are so far from grace

She is dressed in blue wearing a strangers shirt 
and talking to invisible on the street. 
The blue shirt was bought at the thrift store, 
he changed his name realizing that the most bewildering power 
is what is not seen.
Danger is enjoyed passing time in the 24th street alley.
When the alley is too dark she turns in time to hear the church bell.
Danger changes into a spontaneous religious experience.
The cloth was at my door telling me to listen to the music; 
although watching movies is completely different..
She has been seen singing to herself in the flat alone.
Although I told her I did listen to the music 
she left with John to the cinema to witness 
a child escaping behind the laboratory door.
A radical feeling came over me that he was an historical figure like Lenin, 
but in reality he had the wrong number.
He had many numbers none quite the same 
all given to him by the telephone company.
In America the wires cross the whole country.
The wires or line cross as his name is learned.
Transparency is learned through the dictionary, 
and I became very suspicious about the point he made about the movie I had not seen.
there's no need as of yet to get dressed for the day is in fog and conviction tomorrow.
Blue watches television hoping to find a person she once knew.
Again when he arrives we hope not to get caught; we are two good friends.
In the upper classes people don't have real teeth.
We joke, and eat franks shouting out at the mouth on every occasion.
The floor is not new, but everything begins laying in a concern for her face and color.

The next day I am like a light skeleton in her closet, (my disposition being like the fog) where paralyzed conceptions are like my hands.
As of today she is clutching to look at my hands, and they are not like her hands.
My mothers hands.
These are not like her hands.
The hands turn the radio knob to hear desire.
I see the radio, and the note which is tied to the chair.
The sounds are what happened, on the chair is a small picture size housewife:
Part of the time she will be calm.
Part of the time she will be mad.
I'll watch the news, and the boys play car TV and jet bombs while inside the radio there are tubes.She wears black leather in our first date and I ask should I sit or crawl.
Neo-menopause and the stink of establishment is an amusement like a dangerous hobby.
In a cunning voice I said, to be ignorant is to be a murderer.
She says, but the good book tells us to lead a frigid life.
We walked and found a cunt who wears under her arms the scars of six and had an impatient voice like no one's mother (that voice being like the order at the end of a rumble: the street paraphrase the situation).
Now I want to leave because this is going too far; yes, I want to leave but I'll tell her only for a short while.
I will leave.
The room is hot and the sweat sticks to my forehead.
I am standing with my eyes stuck to her eyes; they shift to an empty stange.
I am sweating, or am I assuming that sometimes this effect seems like it will never end.
Stuck, it seems to be like we are above the room.
The room is large enough to transmit a sedative effect.
The first time I let things just happen although I doubted that the circumstances would control themselves, but then I knew what you would of liked it to be like.
Not seen returned and I fantasized about a picture.
Her face is hurrying with what she is accepting except the present.
She is accepting everything except the present.
Locked to him each day is spaced full like that empty stage.
At the end of the day she attempts to phone me but can not remember the number or the message.
Counting that my importance is as an object.
Follow the line of an object hand crossing the line of an object.
The teachers hand, the line of a boat rail.
The rail angle's with a hand going as a drape masures the wieght.
A hand contacts.
An object picture shows a fragile meaning.

Laying calm not saying a word his body is stiff remaining is the feeling of strain and the thought of satisfaction.
Life is laying and thinking and watching her.
The sedative turns artificial as the loudness became standing.
Walking is attractive to stillness, and the night is for the past.
The words move quickly be themselves to only laying and thinking and watching her.

Is she the character in the Tv add, or the magazine with no memory of presents by pints pointing departure of legs feeding low high to twisting past ballet to page 3 at second leg hand as seeking to attract your attention with a word, a chiche' speaking a woman's hand folded prayer wants from a well mind to know well the symbols under viewer's sign (glad to be alive) she lies with laughter and questions the circumstance by the cheek timid of all who came buy our thoughts of harmless play like young we are for all who come buy our thoughts of harmless play like young we are for all who come buy this time rotating to her body in the solid trivia and anticipation you visualize with legs and hand to left and right her body moving in and out.

We are even happier than before.
She has said we are close but not close.
I thought the film was pretty good, she agreed but John thought that the situation could be made straight without our interference.
Getting drunk then angry and sick after sleeping and
relieved was home.
We kissed very often.
He kissed her very often.
This is a matter of form.
The camera shifts to a lame figure sliced stark from the center of a long line body with head our black white to freeze when everything stopped and you begin to break ice.
her mystery expression. 
By detail a pose of shadow pockets of detail hand when breaking ice by next night the detail was lost.
We were by the crowd and the sound facing the camera she is in the back of his head like a two faced doll that does one thing very simple.

A note is on the chair.
The letters are hands clapping.
You can't see her hand when detail stops.
You can't see her hand when detail stops and the body does not speak.
You can't see her hand when detail stops and the body does not speak sleeping black white to the laughter loud next to see her hand.
You can't see her hand.You can't see her hand.You can't see her hand.You can't see her hand.You can't see her hand.You can't see her hand.
Sleeping body does not speak to the screaming danger black shooting this to the right hand the same letter's the same danger black cut left spinning hanging.She never talked since there was never a need.
This was the natural outcome and things acted around us.
My body wanted it to be like before.
I assume he couldn't tell what was going on.
Nothing is ok.
I knew the outcome and I knew the circumstances could not be controlled.
I left to visit the old house again.
I did it.
I said I did it.
Close you eyes and think her eyes, and think pictures lined hand right hand cut.
You see each one yourself raised in point face point that is a camera is fun is yourself.
Adjust and separate half kneeling figures geometrically controlled kneeling figures so as to avoid confusion from time to time as they will from time to time from terminal to photographic from time to time so as to avoid happiness sorrow fear is of minor importance gripped separater of monthly importance of old story deep but new story tells face and situation about the muscles used must be felt to a point closer there is cold horror of all the way worry now dropping downward picture changes from pleasures and electric to little more than distract electrically.separator
I know that the relationship didn't mean anything.
How simple it was to feel so glad that it went so quickly.
When you are complete you can't accept the circumstances of your actions and what is left.
You don't want to remember the twist on her face.
Death is like sex sometimes it goes easy.
Was I screaming or speaking to the mirror in the corner of the room the man stumble's to answer the phone that has made a bell ringing type of sound.
Next week he falls dead on the ring.
The same a week later.
She is a light skeleton in the closet.
A car turns on the corner while a tore man says what now have I got.
The same a week later.
When the bus arrives every half hour he stares at the people who wait for destiny.
The bus arrives and his face is as fast as turning the corner.
he is a basket case falling like the son of hate, not like the boys fantasy that he once knew and forgot.
So the climate began to be missed climatic - climatically - climaticlyice.
It was all up to the introduction.
A dangerous warning under a new light.
A way came judged and I would not pass by a not so good when she spoke the slightfulness of importance.
The beat has little to die with.
The beat had little to do with the song.
On the radio song.
day is day out in room.
Monday long.
Day is day out sleeve out clock song.
Monday long beat out song out rushing out Monday.
Sleeve out.
Electric in beat out.
out beat radio song window fog break out.
Window out room in beating outer electric rushed personal window fog break out.introductionwarning under
The last dance was on her birthday.
We were happy about certain foods.
We didn't win the dance contest but hoped that next year we would (not knowing what the future holds between the chair and the dots).
The therapist phones the stranger to tell him everyone knows.
John was lost in transparency and now I have fears about going back to the old houses.
His name gave me the feeling that misery is the enemy of what I want.
I'm glad everything turned-out ok.
I flew on a non-stop trip to a large European village like Paris or London.
I came home because I missed the home computer.
In the computer the world fits into a suitcase, and love and death have only meaning by the fact that they are both words to be spelled.
Same usual climate on since with father or mother at eight in visitor west basket case falling.
Heard from the band wagon: forget the Ran-some, fog.
Hearts color of ten place talk sat on floor after six dots crossed over chair and resting knew gone after five years her knee had been slightly bent had been rolled in slightly balance.
1 2 3 4 5.
After dots crossed over chair gone resting new so reverse face past mixed-once Sunday face in closet throwing-up.
Saturday sapped shopping apart from a destiny of a red shallow image of a strength he once knew and forgot.

I could not afford to put that much money in the ground.
The music ends and so does life, and sometimes the sounds are scary.
I buried her in a Rent-A-Casket very cheaply.
Cold wind blows north home again.
California is the home of people who live to be forerunners of strange things.
He gave the suitcase away on Sunday.
He couldn't eat the food he enjoyed so much.
He couldn't eat the birthday cake.
To have a beautiful body is to have a beautiful life.
He spoke lies like many other people in the city.
A camera is touched automatically at 9:35 he arrived like a package through the mail just in time for the funeral parade on 24th street and through the alley.
Where she once stood as 1000 people visited and the wine flowed, someone spoke about that Sunday afternoon when after the dance contest had been lost the music played fast and she placed many suggestions in my pocket on how to improve the telephone company.
Sometimes I feel scattered on the surface of memory.
John White committed suicide, and I continued writing chiches that have as yet to be spoken.
The day after watching the news my new friend Jack said that he was thinking about changing modern society.
I was not concerned because the flow of time made me forget where I was born and what he said.
The old house has six rooms.
One room is the target.
The room has a window that looks out onto the back of the old house where he shot himself.
He was buried a year previous to our moving in.
In the room is sweat.
We stay in the room sweating since where we live the weather is hot and dry most of the time.

We have to start what we talked about.
Invisible and Blue were friends and because we shared the same views about the music we listened to and the movies we watched Blue became better than what is not watched.
During long lapses when _______________ was gone we would visit friends and hang around at the corner of the street.
We would write notes, "yes we do have similar views on the type of music we listened to and the movies we watched."

The words are at the bottom, and they are having a wonderful time in limbo.
She finds the right soap to wash the new shirt, so as to keep busy while the limbo line dissolves waiting for her turn.
Running on the roof tops is not like the modern day where food is prepared differently.
The house was very often like a fun house.
The coffee was never forgotten during sex.
I am away but it's like I'm still here.
The voice of the woman was as dark as her skin.
She was murdered by a man.
The news is on channel seven and my new cellmate Jack said that we should compare notes.
It is twelve midnight and how far would you like to go.
His room is that of ultra modern confinement of emotions leading him in a circle back to the ape.
The man emulates what he sees on television; it is like a mirror of no future for the next 20 years and beyond.
The camera has stopped shooting, and will not reload.
What is Black is Blue and what is White is Invisible.

Here is a partial archive of Problemist lyrics from the 80's. Stay tuned for more material in the near future....